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About This Website - The idea

The idea for this site originated at the 2004 Souhrada Family Reunion during the business meeting conducted by Anton Vanicek.  It was concluded that a more economical way of sharing information about our family history, genealogy, and news needed to be explored.  We are hopeful that the Souhrada Family Website is a valued replacement for the Souhrada Family Newsletter.

Your Souhrada family history, stories, ancestral pictures, and other items of interest are needed and welcome!  If you would like to contribute articles, pictures, or family news items, email the webmaster.  Please send comments, ideas, and updates as well. We look forward to hearing from you!

The 37th Souhrada Family Reunion in the U.S.A will be held on the weekend of August 7, 8 and 9, 2020 at the Holiday Inn Express, Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Once further details are available, they will be posted here.  

The 11th Souhrada Family Reunion in the Czech Republic is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 12th, 2020.
Further details will be posted here when available. Hosted by Jiri Souhrada.


   The 36th Souhrada Family Reunion in the USA was held on August 10th-12th in Cedar Falls Iowa.

 For details and pictures from the 36th reunion click here.

 The 10th Souhrada Family Reunion in the Czech Republic was held September 15th, 2018 in the village Bernartice near Pisek.   

For details and pictures from the 10th reunion in the Czech Republic click here.

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Why we share our family experiences [from an article by Leota Campbell]   
In Home With A Heart, Dr. James Dobson says: "The lyrics in an African folk song say that when an old person dies, it's as if a library has burned down. This is true. To preserve this heritage for our children we must tell them where we've been and how we got to this moment. Sharing about our faith, about our early family experiences, about the obstacles we overcame, of the failures we suffered, can bring a family together and give it a sense of identity."

There's a richness of family heritage in each person's life that will be lost if it isn't passed on to the next generation. How often do we wonder about the past, knowing that only our parents or grandparents could enlighten our wonderment, but we're stuck in our's too late.....they're gone and can't share their experiences or memories with us.

Our Souhrada Family Newsletter is becoming not only our means of communication to know other members of this huge family, but by sharing the events in our lives and sharing our memories, we are recording Souhrada Family History and Genealogy. Through this means, we are coming to know who we are, giving us a sense of Souhrada identity.

Are you planning a visit to the Czech Republic?
If you are planning a visit to the Czech Republic to explore our Souhrada ancestral homelands, to research Czech history or genealogy, or just for fun, be sure to contact Jiri Souhrada, our U.S.A. connection in the Czech Republic.  Jiri can arrange accommodations at his “Souhrada Country House” in Pisek, handle bike rentals, and provide for many of your other travel needs.

This site may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any fashion without our consent.

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