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      Souhrada Family History     

Our Souhrada Family Homeland and Emigration to America

(from Bohemia and Pisek)

The History of Souhrada’s in Bohemia
by Jiri Souhrada; Pisek, Czech Republic

“Roots” series - Czech Radio České Budějovice (which contain historical references to Souhrada surnames)
   Families in Jamný (a village near Písek) (Volume 79; broadcast 07-May-2007)
    Záhoří (a village near Písek) (Volume 141; broadcast 14/15-July-2008)

The Church of Souhrada Ancestors – St. Michael the Archangel

from the church archives in Záhorí, Czech Republic

From Bohemia to America

A list of SOUHRADA surname immigrants to America

by Karen Souhrada; Pittsford, New York

World War I U.S. Draft Registration Cards – 1917-1918
A list of SOUHRADA surname registrants for U.S. military draft  

by Karen Souhrada; Pittsford, New York

“To America” Emigration from the Village of Bernartice and vicinity

by Jiri Souhrada and František Mikolášek,
Translation: Karen Souhrada, Eva Truhlářová, & Jiří Souhrada; Illustration: arch. Vladimír Jestřáb

“To America” Volume II – concerning the Souhrada surname

by Jiri Souhrada; Pisek, Czech Republic

Reestablishing the Bohemian Connection – Part 1

Rediscovering our Souhrada ancestral home in the Czech Republic – 1990

by Frank Souhrada III, Brooten, Minnesota


Reestablishing the Bohemian Connection – Part 2

Rediscovering our Souhrada cousins in the Czech Republic – 1991

by Anton Vanicek, Muscatine, Iowa

What a Day! The Dedication of The National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

by Gordon Flynn, Davenport, Iowa


“In the Beginning” – A brief history of our Souhrada Family Reunions

Five Souhrada Cousins gather to get acquainted – May 26, 1981

by Leota Campbell Anderson, Bloomington, Minnesota

Proud of Our Czech Roots

by Janel Souhrada Stephens, Tipton, Iowa



  Souhrada Family History (in the Czech Language)

Z knihy „Kořeny Čechů v Jižní Dakotě“ by Jiri Souhrada; Pisek, Czech Republic

Story Family Souhrada (in Czech) by Jiri Souhrada; Pisek, Czech Republic

Václav A Kateřina Bican Souhradovi translated by Jiri Souhrada; Pisek, Czech Republic

Matej Souhrada (1833-1905) and his descendents


The Saga of Matej Souhrada (1833 – 1905) and Veronika Luzum Souhrada (1835 – 1912)

by Jiri Souhrada; Pisek, Czech Republic

The Memoirs of Frank (Francis) Cyprian Souhrada Sr. (1871-1964)

edited by Peter Souhrada; Pittsford, New York

1931 Campaign Poster & Text - Frank C. Souhrada Sr. (1871-1964) Mayoral Candidate of Forest Park, Illinois
1959 Letter from Frank Souhrada to sister “Nettie”

The Memoirs of Frank Cyprian Souhrada Jr. (1910-1992)
edited by Peter Souhrada; Pittsford, New York

Interview with Elizabeth “Libbie” (Souhrada) Kinchner (1897-1995)

 [Interview conducted and documented by Velma and Barbara Flynn - 1990] 

Frank Souhrada attorney conducts 1913 USA court proceeding in Czech language

Frantisek Souhrada (1817-1883) descendents

Jan Souhrada (1901-1983) and Albina (Sediva) Souhradova (1911-1975)
courtesy of Jiri Souhrada; Pisek, Czech Republic

Jan (John) N. Souhrada (1824-1918) descendents

“Souhrada Family Genealogy & History” – including John (Jan) Souhrada (1824-1918) by Velma Vanicek Flynn

In memory of Michael A. Souhrada (1880-1975) numerous tributes, articles, and notes contributed by various family members compiled by Catherine (Souhrada) Wyrobeck
 [source: 1998 Souhrada Family Newsletter]      
     - Memories of Grandpa Mike Souhrada by Catherine (Souhrada) Wyrobeck
     - Remembrances of Mike Souhrada by various family members
     - No Sacrifice for Victory Too Great  for Michael Souhrada
     - Historical sketch of the 49th Regiment – Iowa Volunteer Infantry (Mike Souhrada’s Unit)
Spanish American War Recalled - Mike Souhrada (1880-1975) the last Jones County Veteran of the War Taken from The Cedar Rapids Gazette, Sunday March 7, 1965

”Souhrada History” by Albert H. Souhrada (1914-1985) courtesy of Catherine (Souhrada) Wyrobeck, Greenfield, Wisconsin

Vaclav and Katherine Souhrada (1851-1909) from the 1997 Souhrada Family Newsletter

John (Johnny) Joseph Souhrada (1914-2002) from the 2003 Souhrada Family Newsletter

The Rassman Family History (including descendents of Frederick and Anna Catherine Souhrada Rassman) courtesy of Larry Shoger

Ronald (Ron) Daws (1937-1992) from the 1996 Souhrada Family Newsletter

Pavelka – Pawelka – Powelka by Leroy Powelka

Richard Francis Souhrada (1923-1945) Army Air Corps, WWII -  Letters to home “So the War Goes On”  Authored by CAPT Loren R. Leslie, USNR Ret.

At the 1968 Olympic Marathon Trials, there were six Minnesotans in the race. Among them: Ron Daws (By Sarah Barker Special to the StarTribunepublishedAugust 24, 2018)

Otto Wosoba – Anton Vanicek shares story of his uncle killed in action on the last day of World War I (from an article in the Muscatine Journal, November 9, 2018)

Other Souhrada’s

Czechs in South Dakota - Thomas (1820-1898) & Marie (Zak) Souhrada (1806-1896)

                [Source: excerpted from Dvorak, "History of Czechs in South Dakota": Page 280]